CRES Imaging, LLC
Following are postings by individuals and companies that have spare parts and/or
replacement parts available for various equipment.  In our ongoing effort to recycle as much
as possible, CRES Imaging, LLC is providing this information as a customer service.  CRES
Imaging, LLC provides no warranty as to the availability, reliability or usability of any items
offered by the sellers.  Purchase of any item(s) is totally at the risk and responsibility of the
The current owners of the equipment listed below may have additional equipment  listed for
sale with CRES Imaging, LLC.  CRES Imaging, LLC retains exclusive right to sell any and all
items other than those expressly offered as spare / replacement parts.
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Video production items; VCR's, LCD projectors, rear projection screens

Assorted Fuji Frontier 370 parts including a new print sending unit

Noritsu 2901 parts (gears, rollers, etc)

Assorted spare parts and film racks for Sitte Tischer dip & dunk film processor

Wide array of spare parts, accessories, etc for Kodak 312 / MC 8 printers

Agfa dLab2 digtial minilab with blown power supply.  All other parts in good working order

Sitte Tischer SL-10 C-41 dip and dunk film processor with racks

HP Designjet 9000 inkjet printer, OCE Arizona 180, HP Designjet 9500, HP Designjet 3500,
Canon Prograf IPF 8000

Noritsu 2901boards, negative carriers and assorted other parts

Noritsu 3311 boards and assorted other parts

Noritsu 3011 negative carriers

Asst'd parts for Lightjet 2000 film recorder including power supply board, CPU, lasers

Asst'd Noritsu 2901 parts

Asst'd Fuji Frontier 370 parts, boards, etc

Durst Zeta parts, boards, lasers, paper magazines

Assorted Ilford 2650 B&W paper processor parts

Noritsu V30SM parts machine or spare parts

4x5 film racks for Refrema 140 dip & dunk film processor

Noritsu R-410L E-6 film processor

Noritsu 3101 RA digital minilab with scanning station with negative carriers for 135 and 120

Agfa Dlab 1 "Netlab" digital printer/processor

Doli DL-2300 minilab parts